Tue, May 2, 2006

So I’ve been sans-MMO for a while now, ever since I stopped playing WoW several months ago. Until, that is, I got back into playing [EVE Online](http://www.eve- online.com/).

I have to say, I tried the 2-week trial once before, and never really got into it. But EVE is different than most MMO’s.. it’s got a bit of a steeper learning curve, which means it doesn’t grab you right off the bat like some other MMOs do. But that initial learning curve is the cost of the beautifully rich and detailed world. I’ve been playing for a month now, and I am hooked.

Do any of y’all play EVE? I’ve formed a small corporation (like a guild, but better.. it really is an in-game corporation that can own/buy/sell things and have shares, alliances, and corporate wars) with Tom, (and Janice has almost gotten into it..) and it totally adds a whole extra level to the gameplay. So if you play, come join us! We’re usually around the Oursalert system in the Gallente Federation.