An addendum to my last post

Fri, Jun 24, 2011

EVE players have started rioting in-game in Jita, the biggest trade hub in EVE. This screenshot was taken by one of my corpmates, he reports that the population in Jita spiked to 2100 for the riot, and that spill-over riots were happening in the next system, and in other trade hubs like Rens.

Breaking up is hard to do

Fri, Jun 24, 2011

EVE Online has long been my favorite game. I buy new games, play them for a while, and then go back to EVE. The gameplay speaks to me on a very deep level. I’m not in a large alliance fighting to control large areas of space, with billions and billions of ISK to my name (though, I’m sure the people that are feel the same way about how they play). I’ve just got my own little corner of space carved out, working it and maintaining it with my small corporation.

Building the biggest ships

Wed, May 18, 2011

In seven days and nine hours, my EVE character will have completed building my first capital ship, the Minmatar Nidhoggur carrier. (With a full compliment of 10 Einherji fighters.) Myself. From minerals either bought or mined by myself and my corporation members. While carriers are the smallest class of capital ship, these are probably the biggest ships I’ll ever build, and they’re a huge milestone for a character that started off building small ammunition to sell to new players running the easiest of missions.