GnuPG Dice!

Many months ago, I wrote a little GnuPG-verified dice CGI page for myself and my gaming group to use when resolving gaming situations over email. (Feel free to use it yourself, you can check it out here.) It’s inspired by other verified dice web applications out there. But while other scripts require you check a roll on the site itself, either by cut and pasting into a form, or by finding the roll in a list, I wanted something I could verify easily by looking at the message in my mail reader. Thus, I used PGP to sign the message and ensure its validity. (Well, I also provide a signature-checker form, for when you don’t use or have access to PGP.)

Since most of my gaming lately has been around a table, I had almost forgotten about this little project. Today, I wanted to use it again, and ended up making a minor change to the code. Surprisingly, I didn’t have it in source control! So I fixed the code, and checked it into git. While I was at it, I decided to write a readme, and put the source up somewhere public.

So, here you go: my little dice page, released under a BSD license. Maybe someone will find it useful, or at least it’ll save you some time.

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