Cards Against Deqmandity

My two very good friends Amanda and Declan are getting married, and to celebrate, Janice and I throwing them a pre-wedding party. (No “bachelor” party tropes here!) By the time this post is published, the party should just be wrapping up, and my favorite surprise should already be out of the bag.

Declan and Amanda love games, and Janice and I wanted to have a game-themed part to the party. A little over a month earlier, Janice and I were brainstorming ideas, and stumbled on one that we were really excited about: a custom Cards Against Humanity deck. Now, if you’ve never played Cards Against Humanity, I’ll warn you that it really lives up to its tagline: “A party game for horrible people.” It really is a wonderful game.

Janice set up a Google forms page for all of Amanda and Declan’s friends to contribute their ideas to the project, and we ended up with a spreadsheet of 95 black (question) cards, and 291 white (answer) cards. Fortunately, their friends are the kind of horrible people that Cards Against Humanity appeals to.

The next step was to get them printed. We went through, who print custom decks of playing cards based on images that you upload to their website. Great.. all we needed to do was to make almost 400 card images. Of course my first thought was to write a script to automate it. If you’re interested in trying this out yourself, my (very quick-and-dirty) script can be found on GitHub.

We got the final version of the cards in the mail a few days later, and they look great! Thanks so much to Cards Against Humanity for making such a great game (and for allowing remixes with a Creative Commons license). I’m looking forward to trying them out - what a great way to roast your friends, no?

The finished product!

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